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Enabling Anodizing for Die-Cast Parts

Precision Die Casting

Our Precision Die Casting service specializes in minimizing porosity and integrating secondary CNC machining for unparalleled accuracy. We expertly control shrinkage and air entrapment, ensuring high-integrity casts, followed by precise CNC finishing for dimensional accuracy and superior surface quality. Ideal for high-specification components demanding exacting standards.

25 Yrs Experience

With a rich legacy spanning 25 years in the machining industry, our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of precision and quality. This extensive experience embodies a deep understanding of machining intricacies, from classic techniques to the latest in CNC technology.

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Anodizing Die-Cast Parts: Transformative Finishing Solutions

We've pioneered a solution that allows anodizing for die-cast parts, a breakthrough in surface finishing. This technique offers enhanced corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, expanding the application scope for die-cast components in various industries.


多轴加工是一种涉及沿四个或更多方向移动的刀具的制造过程。这些工具用于铣削多余的材料、水射流切割或激光切割,以金属或其他材料制造零件。这种类型的加工最初是在大型复杂的机器上机械地进行的。这些机器在 4、5、6 甚至 12 个轴上运行,这些轴由凸轮板上的杠杆单独控制。凸轮板提供了控制工具装置、工作台固定零件以及使工具或零件在机器中旋转的能力。由于机器的尺寸和复杂性,需要花费大量时间来设置生产。 [1]计算机数控加工引入后,为加工复杂零件提供了一种更快、更有效的方法。

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